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9 Tips On Creating A Backyard You See In Magazines

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Jul 24, 2023

Creating the backyard you typically see in magazines does not require an infinite amount of money to get started. Familiarizing yourself with the basics of landscape and more whenever you’re outdoors will help you to brainstorm landscaping options that are just right for your home and yard. Whether you’re interested in planting new trees and flowers or if you want to create a new entertainment space outdoors, you can do so when you spend time learning about landscape and more in your current area or region.

1. Assess Your Yard’s Space

Before you get started with the process of transforming your backyard into a yard from a magazine, you should take some time to assess the space you have available to work with outside. Even if you intend to work with a local landscape supply that offers landscape and more supplies, you will need to know just how much of particular materials you will need to get started. Measure the area you intend to work with, plant in, or remodel before getting started with blueprints or visualization.

The more familiar you are with the amount of space you have to work with in your yard, the less likely you are to run into issues or encounter hangups along the way. Assessing your yard’s space can also help you to determine which areas are ideal for entertaining and which spaces should be designated for gardens, trees, and other forms of greenery. Taking the time to learn more about each area of your yard will truly help you create a space that is your own.

2. Study Trends and Outdoor Themes

Whenever you are interested in landscape and more options for your own backyard, you should take the time to catch up on today’s latest trends and outdoor themes. Spend time researching existing home decor magazines, online communities, and even social media groups that are dedicated to remodeling and outdoor decoration. Immersing yourself in various trend communities will help to spark inspiration while providing you with new ideas for your own home and yard, depending on the space you have available and the vision you have settled on for the yard itself.

When spending time studying trends, consider the location you are living in and the type of vegetation that typically thrives and survives near you. Compare outdoor trends and themes to determine what type of aesthetic you want to go within your own yard this summer. Thumbing through magazines and joining online communities will provide you with valuable insight into the latest trends when it comes to planting a new garden or even uprooting existing trees for a new alternative.

3. Take Advantage of Sculptures and Focal Points

While you are in the process of learning about landscape and more options for your own backyard’s renovation, consider the type of focal points or sculptures you will be using to make your yard stand out. Implementing sculptures and focal points will help guests pay attention to certain areas of the yard. This can be especially important if you are attempting to provide a completely unique and guided experience each time you host guests in your yard. Choosing the right sculpture and focal point can also help you to set the tone of the yard itself. This is ideal if you are intending to host themed parties or if you enjoy celebrating various holidays with friends and loved ones in your own backyard.

4. Plant Additional Greenery Throughout Your Yard

If you are committed to updating the landscape and more in your yard, you can begin by planting additional greenery that suits your mood and the vision you have for the yard. Planting additional flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs can help to fill your yard, making it appear much more lush and green, especially during the hottest summer months of the year. New greenery can instantly transform the look and feel of any yard, regardless of its size and the type of greenery you are drawn to and most interested in.

How to Get Started With Planting New Greenery

Investing in new plants, trees, and shrubs is as simple as visiting a local greenery or home improvement store, depending on where you currently live. However, if your goal is to ensure your greenery thrives once it has been planted, it’s highly advisable to conduct a bit of research before you choose which plants and trees are right for your yard. Before you begin planting any new trees or investing in seeds, spend time getting to know more about the region you reside in.

Regional plants and trees are often recommended as they are suitable for specific weather conditions and climates. Research the region you are living in to determine what type of greenery and flowers are likely to thrive where you are residing. Investing in greenery that is not suitable for your climate can result in the loss of a plant, flower, or tree prematurely. In some cases, a tree that is not suitable for your environment may not have the ability to grow or thrive altogether.

5. Invest in a Deck or Patio

When you are brainstorming landscape and more solutions for your own yard, consider investing in a brand-new deck or patio. Decks and patios provide the perfect location to entertain and host guests. Additionally, they also provide the perfect setup for grills and other cooking equipment, depending on the type of deck or patio you are interested in for your own home’s yard.

Before getting started with a deck or a patio project, consider the budget you have available and set in place. Setting a budget and calculating the estimated costs of a new patio or deck is imperative before getting started. While some decks and patios may cost a few thousand dollars, others may cost upwards of $10,000 each, depending on the size of the deck or patio you are interested in as well as the materials you prefer to use.

6. Install a Brand-New Fence

Another option to consider when you’re in the process of renovating your backyard is new fencing installation. If you do not currently have fencing in your backyard, a new fence can help to provide boundaries while adding value and curbside appeal to your home at the same time. Investing in a new fence is also a way for you to designate specific areas in your yard. This is ideal if you are interested in creating more than one area in your yard to separate your garden from your cooking and entertainment spaces. When you make the decision to invest in a brand-new fence for your yard, you should begin working with a licensed and certified contractor or a local fencing installation company you can trust and count on.

7. Use Concrete Decorative Items and Additions

Decorating your yard can be tricky if you’re a first-time homeowner or if you do not have any experience when it comes to maintaining a backyard. Using concrete decorative items with concrete polishing is one of the quickest ways to create a themed space outdoors in a traditional backyard. Concrete decorations not only have a distinct look and feel to them, but they are also extremely durable and can last indefinitely when properly cared for and looked after.

8. Install New Outdoor Doors

If you want to transform your outdoor space in a unique way, consider investing in new and interesting exterior doors. Whether you want to change the way you exit your home into your backyard or if you have a shed, outdoor gazebo, or another guest suite in your yard, investing in a new exterior door can truly transform how others see the space as well as the first impressions they get any time they walk into your yard. Installing new outdoor doors can help you to bring any theme or scheme together, especially if you are sticking to specific materials and colors throughout your entire yard.

9. Hire a Professional Landscaping Company

Once you make the decision to transform your backyard and the lawn that surrounds your home, consider hiring professional lawn maintenance companies that offer tree removal service and landscape and more. Professional landscaping companies are not only well-versed in choosing the right greenery, plants, and flowers for your yard based on your location, but they also work diligently to meet deadlines that their clients have set in place. Working with a professional landscaping company is also a way for you to learn more about your options when it comes to selecting and planting new trees and flowers in the region you currently live in.

How to Find the Best Landscaping Provider

Finding a landscaping provider that doubles as a tree company and offers landscape and more services is possible with both local and online resources. Before choosing which landscaping provider is right for your next yard project, consider the type of services you will need and the various solutions you are interested in learning more about before making a decision. From investing in residential soil stabilizing packages to choosing artificial grass or various natural stones to complete a look you have in mind for your yard, a professional landscaper or landscaping company can help to guide you every step of the way.

Consider Your Needs

Before getting started with a brand-new landscaper in your area, consider your needs. What type of landscaping are you interested in for your yard? Do you have a specific look and vision in mind, or are you open to suggestions and ideas? What type of budget are you working with, and is it flexible? Do you have a specific deadline in mind in order to complete all of the yard renovations you are interested in?

Research Locally and Online

Taking the time to get to know more about your options when it comes to local landscaping companies and contractors is highly recommended. This is especially true for those who have recently moved into a new neighborhood or city and are unfamiliar with the contractors and companies in the area. Use both local and online solutions to seek out landscapers and companies that are reputable in your area. You can begin searching for landscapers by asking your neighbors, local business owners, and those you know who are familiar with your city or town for recommendations. Recommendations can go a long way if you know someone who you trust has used a local landscaper in the past.

If you are not having any luck when searching for landscapers and landscaping companies locally, you can turn to the Internet. Browse for local landscaping companies and contractors using social media that are dedicated to your region or city as well as top search engines, such as Google. Search engines such as Google also include local business information, reviews, contact details, and maps to easily get in touch with a prospective company or contractor before hiring them for the job.

How to Choose the Right Landscaping Company

After locating landscaping contractors or companies that are known in your area, research portfolios and experience to find a suitable match. Spend time reviewing portfolios of previously completed jobs to determine which contractor or company understands the vision you have in mind for your own backyard. While you are getting to know more about landscaping companies and contractors, be sure to inquire about the licensing, certifications, and insurance that each landscaper or company you’re interested in hiring currently holds. Insurance and licensing are key and should always be verified before hiring anyone to work in or around your home. Once you verify that a contractor or landscaper has the insurance and licensing necessary, you can hire them while maintaining your peace of mind.

Creating a backyard you see in magazines with landscape and more is one way to truly transform your property while simultaneously adding value and curbside appeal to your home. The more familiar you become with landscape and more options for homes in your neighborhood, the easier it will be for you to determine the next best project for your front and backyards. The more time you spend learning about various aspects of landscaping and hardscaping in your yard, the less likely you are to feel overwhelmed or stuck when taking on a major renovation project outdoors.

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