• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Weekly Maintenance Recommended by Expert Pool Contractors

A pool is a lovely feature to have in any home that keeps the kids happy and the adults cool in the hot weather. However, pool ownership is not as easy as it may appear on the surface. A pool requires a large amount of chemicals and physical maintenance to ensure clean and safe water. The pool contractors in the video discuss exactly how to perform proper maintenance on the pool to keep your family healthy and having fun.

First, the easiest way to keep a pool clean is with a classic brush.

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Any visible debris will collect on the walls and floor of the pool and can be knocked away with a brush or skimmer. This will loosen the debris to make collection via skimmer or filter possible. This will keep your pool walls and water sparkling clean.

Another great tool is a vacuum to collect any sediment that gathers on the floor of the pool. It often forms clumps that can be difficult to scoop out and will rarely be collected by the filter, so suction from a vacuum is often the only way it will be removed.

Chemicals are important for keeping bacteria out of the pool, as explained by the pool contractors. Unkempt water will be a breeding ground for pathogens and will definitely make your family sick. Chlorine is used to stave off these bacteria and keep the pool fresh for future enjoyment.

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