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Home Exterior Updates That Will Get Your House Sold Fast

Getting your house sold fast is every homeowner’s goal when they list their house for sale. You can do exterior upgrades to your home that will help you get your house sold fast. In the competitive real estate sales market, making your house stand out is essential. Here are easy exterior upgrades you can make.

The exterior of the home is like an advertisement for the home. It gives buyers a peek preview of what they can expect to find inside the house. If the exterior is not in top condition, many buyers will not even make an appointment to view the house. Exterior upgrades are essential if you want to get your house sold fast.

Why Focus On The Exterior

A lot of homeowners who are gearing up to sell their homes focus solely on interior improvements. While interior improvements are helpful in selling your house fast, the exterior is just as important. The exterior of your house for sale is the first thing that buyers see. If they think the exterior needs too much work, no matter how great the interior is, they will pass up the opportunity.

1. Landscape Design

According to the experts, a well-landscaped yard can add about 14% in value to your home. A professional landscape designer can help you create a beautifully landscaped yard. A designer can help you maximize and present your property in the best light.

A designer will evaluate your property and find ways to improve the landscape’s natural beauty. A designer has the skill set and expertise to transform your outdoor areas and raise the aesthetic appeal of these areas exponentially. With the right landscape, you can improve curb appeal significantly and attract more qualified buyers interested in your property.

Professional landscaping ensures your home makes the right first impression. The designer will incorporate landscape features like hardscape pavers to complement your landscape. The right landscaping can make a difference in how quickly you sell your home. Getting your home sold fast can come down to how good your yard looks compared to other homes in the area.

2. Exterior Lighting

Professional landscape lighting installation is another good investment if you are looking for ways to sell your home quickly. Landscape lighting highlights your exterior and provides additional safety and security. Buyers appreciate a well-lit yard because it is safer.

Professional landscape lighting installation can highlight the architectural features of the house as well as features throughout the landscape. It will give your house an inviting glow and attract potential buyers passing by in the evening hours. Investing in outdoor lighting is a good way to get more attention for your home.

If you want your house sold fast, your house must look great day or night. Landscape lighting can ensure your property is highlighted day or night. It is an affordable investment that gives a big bang for your buck.

3. The Extras

Qualified buyers who are impressed by your landscaping and outdoor lighting will be even more impressed if you add irrigation system services to your outdoor upgrades. Qualified buyers will appreciate the ‘move-in’ ready landscaping of your house. Irrigation systems conserve water and keep your landscaping looking its best.

Having lawn and spray equipment on hand that comes with the house price will get the attention of potential buyers. Many buyers are searching for a house that is fully move-in ready. Buyers will view your home as a potential money saver because they will not have to absorb the cost of installing an irrigation system or buying lawn tools.

Lawn tractors are another big selling point for home buyers. It is truly a bonus if they can buy a house and get all the necessary equipment, like a lawn tractor, to maintain the house. If you want to sell your house quickly, sweeten the deal for buyers and make it move-in ready with extra bells and whistles.

4. Exterior Upgrades

Your exterior upgrades should not stop with landscaping. Collaborating with professionals who manage new siding installs can be a ticket to selling your house quickly. If your siding is old, worn, damaged, or faded, it affects your ability to sell your home. Buyers see old siding as a liability because they know they must absorb the cost of installing new siding.

Typically, even highly qualified buyers don’t want to have to make big investments in a house. They prefer to buy a home that is ready to move in and doesn’t need work. New siding can increase the value of your home. According to the experts, new siding comes with a 60% return on your investment.

Upgrading the siding on the house you are selling comes with the added benefit of making the home more energy-efficient. For many buyers, energy efficiency plays a big role in buying a house. A potential buyer will see new siding as an added benefit, which could tilt the decision-making in your favor. Of course, new siding will also significantly improve the house’s curb appeal. If you want to sell your house fast, you need to ensure it is visually appealing. New siding will improve the appeal of your property.

5. New Windows

If you sell an older house with old windows, you should consider connecting with a window and siding contractor. In the same way, new siding breathes new life into an old house; new windows can do the same. Replacement windows not only look great, but they improve energy efficiency as well.

Those qualified buyers focused on energy efficiency will be drawn to your house for sale. Savvy buyers know the value of new windows. They know that new windows can reduce energy losses by up to 30%. They see the new windows, and they see savings.

The cost of new windows can easily be rolled into the selling price of your house. It is an investment that will pay you back at the speed you can sell your house. New windows can be just what it takes to tip the scales in your favor and get your house sold fast. Don’t overlook the opportunity to make your house stand out among houses for sale.

6. Make Repairs

If anything needs to be repaired on the exterior of your house, now is the time to do it. Whether you need sprinkler repairs or a garage door repair, now is the time to manage the problem. Qualified buyers don’t want to deal with repairs. A simple repair needed can cause a qualified buyer to lose interest in your house.

everything on the exterior of your home must be fully functional. Any repairs should be addressed before you list the house. Go around the house and check that everything looks good and is working properly.

If you have a leaky hose, replace it or repair the fixture if necessary. Any caulking that needs to be replaced should be replaced. Things like weather stripping around doors and windows should be in good condition. Little repairs now can help to ensure you get your home sold fast. Buyers are always looking for damage and often will use it as leverage to negotiate a lower price or, in the worst-case scenario, as a reason not to make the purchase.

7. Roof Repairs

Roofing services can be your best ally when trying to sell your house quickly. Qualified buyers know the value of a good roof. You don’t have to replace your roof to get your house sold fast, but you do have to ensure that your roof looks and functions 100%. Roof repairs can take care of minor issues and large problems.

However, if the roofing problem is complex or more than 1/3 of the roof needs repairs, you may want to consider replacing the roof before you sell. New roofs come with a very high return on your investment. For example, some metal roofs come with a 100% return on investment.

Whether you decide to replace or repair the roof is entirely up to you, but one thing is for certain: buyers pay attention to the roof. They look for any noticeable leakage or any missing shingles or tiles, and they look at the roof’s overall appearance. A bad-looking roof will not get your house sold fast. A well-maintained, fully functional roof will.

8. Fence Repair

If your property includes a fence, upgrading the fence and making any necessary repairs is a good idea. Upgrading your fence can be as simple as painting or staining it to make it look uniform and well-kept. If your fence is wooden, check for any loose or damaged boards and replace them.

You can make your fence look brand new and attractive to buyers by making a few changes. If the gate doesn’t swing as it should, repair it. Add new hardware to upgrade the look and function. There are ways even to make an older fence look great.

Fences play critical roles in security and enhancing landscaping. A well-kept fence will elevate the look of the exterior of your home. Most of these repairs can be done as a DIY project to help save some money. A strong, attractive fence can help get your house sold fast.

9. Clear Debris

Real estate professionals often recommend that homeowners trying to sell their home put away a good amount of their items on display inside the home. The same is true outside the home. Decluttering outdoor spaces is essential to making your house more attractive to buyers.

Ensure that the personal effects you have stored outside are well-organized. Making the outdoor space free of clutter and debris will allow qualified buyers to imagine their items in the yard. Clear away children’s toys, lawn equipment, and other personal items so that the beauty of the outdoor space will shine through.

If you have a shed on the property, now is a good time to organize it and ensure the exterior is in good condition. A quick coat of paint can make a big difference in how buyers perceive the shed. A well-organized shed that looks good will help buyers picture how well they can organize their living in the house.

Make sure nothing is left in the driveway, and all paths into the home are clear and debris-free. Outdoor clutter can be a deal breaker. The clutter can keep buyers from seeing the property’s potential and make it difficult for them to picture themselves living in the house. Organic debris like leaf litter should also be cleaned up regularly. Keeping your outdoor spaces free of debris and clutter can be a key to selling your house quickly.

10. Pressure Wash

Pressure washing the driveway and other hard surfaces can instantly upgrade the look of the exterior of your home. Hard surfaces are exposed to pollutants, organic debris, and more. Pressure washing the dirt and grime away will restore these surfaces to good condition.

You can rent a pressure washer and do it yourself, or hire a professional to manage the project. Pressure washing can be used on hard surfaces to remove built-up grime and restore appearance. Decks, patios, driveways, walkways, garage doors, siding, and more can all benefit from pressure washing.

Pressure washing is an affordable way to upgrade the look of the exterior of your home. If you choose to DIY the project, follow directions closely, use the right solvents, and avoid using the equipment on surfaces it can’t be used on. This may be a project to leave up to the professionals.

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see. When a potential buyer pulls up in front of your home, they are already making decisions about your home and whether they are interested in moving forward. Upgrading the exterior spaces is a great way to ensure you get the attention of highly qualified buyers to sell your home fast. Investing in exterior upgrades can pay you back by ensuring you get your house sold fast. Learn more tips and tricks for how to sell your home fast.

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