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Questions to Ask a Landscaping Service

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May 23, 2024

It’s prudent to ask the right questions when hiring a landscaping service. Doing so helps you find the best company for your yard. Find out services the company provides like aeration, mowing, fertilizing, and more.

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Also, ask who’ll be treating your lawn. Knowing this helps you understand what to expect.

It’s important to know the contact point. You should have a clear contact person so it’s easier to address issues. Also, ask about the company’s policies for handling customer dissatisfaction. Will they come back to fix the problem? Will they give you a refund? Knowing this bit can save you stress later.

Understand how the company improves your lawn’s health. Ask if they prefer organic or synthetic treatments and why. That way, you choose a company that matches your preferences for lawn care. Find out how long they have been doing lawn care work. Ask to see photos of their past projects or visit some of their completed jobs. That gives you an idea of their style and quality of work.

Ensure the company has the proper licenses to work in your area. Insurance is also important because it protects you from any accidents on your property. Ask for references from past clients. Talking to previous customers can tell you a lot about the company’s reliability and quality of service. Also, ask how they charge for their services. Do they offer a flat rate, or do they charge by the hour or by the project?


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