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A Checklist When Hiring a Curb Appeal Landscaping Company

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Nov 14, 2023

Landscaping can make or break the curb appeal of your property. While hiring a curb appeal landscaping company may seem daunting, you want to ensure the landscape specialist you settle on is fit for the job. For this, you should consider several things, from location, management team, experience, and services they offer, including costs. In this article, we have prepared a detailed list of what to look for when hiring a curb appeal landscaping company to enhance and impact your property value. So, let’s get down to it!

1. Assess if Your Yard Needs Storm Cleanup

Assessing and cleaning up your yard after experiencing storm damage is essential. There are several ways you can clean up your landscape in a manageable way to ensure it looks better before a good weather season comes. Before we dive any deeper, remember that safety comes first. Look out your window before you step outside to ensure no elements will fall on you, like trees.

Ensure you start with a plan, which includes prioritizing and separating. By doing so, it will save you time in the long run. Sometimes, you can find a lot of debris in your yard. If so, you can start by organizing it into piles. You can categorize the piles into compostable vegetation, construction waste, and garbage.

You can recycle or reuse some materials for landfills. For instance, if there is fence construction waste due to storm damage, you can reuse it. Allow easy access to the waste for your junk removal service to avoid moving them twice. Another critical, mostly overlooked step is checking the drainage

You need to take your time to inspect, repair, and clean the gutters, leaves, or mud-blocking drainage areas. You should also take good notes of any water pooling to address it before the next storm. Pool damage is dangerous for your landscape and buildings as it can attract insects and pests. You can take photos of the areas swamped with water so that your landscaper can know where to begin in cubbing the pools.

2. Inquire About Excavating Areas of Your Property

To create a stable and solid base for your landscaping project, you will need to enlist the services of an excavator. It is important to inquire about the excavation service you will expect from a curb appeal landscaping company. This is because excavation services exceed moving dirt around. Excavation services include the removal of below-grade rocks and organic matter, including large tree roots.

Excavators have the expertise to remove large amounts of earth efficiently and quickly. They can dig out items near the surface and prepare the ground for construction or landscaping projects. Usually, removing excess soil from your yard can be time-consuming and challenging, but getting excavation services for the job will save you time. They will work within your budget and give you peace of mind as they handle the work professionally.

There are different types of excavation services, including site work excavation, landscaping project prep, hardscaping project prep, utility line excavation, site clearing, and grubbing. Other excavation services include grading and leveling, drainage installation, erosion control, slip repair, footers, foundations, and driveways and walkways. You will need to ask the excavation company what type of excavation services your outdoor project may need and assess the areas that need excavation on your property.

3. Discuss Which Trees Should Be Removed

Leaves begin to change color towards the end of summer, and focusing on the maintenance and care of the trees on your property is essential. You must discuss which trees should be removed with a curb appeal landscaping company. Although trees bring a curb appeal to your landscapes, sometimes removing some can be necessary.

Several hazards may threaten the overall health and condition of the trees on your property throughout the summer. These include pest invasions, diseases, and adverse weather conditions. Discuss these with your local tree removal company to curb potential hazards.

The tree removal team will usually inspect and advise on dealing with dead and decaying branches, leaning trees, and cracks in the trunk. They will also identify and remove the hazardous trees before fall and winter storms arrive to prevent power outages from leaning trees, property damage, and potential safety risks to you and your family. The best time of the year to address pest infestations and diseases affecting your trees is now. If left untreated, the situation can spread to other trees, which may require total removal.

4. Determine Which Trees Need Regular Maintenance

Trees are beautiful and integral to a functioning ecosystem. Besides just planting trees, caring for them is important to ensure they grow strong and healthy. You need to make sure trees have enough nutrients for their growth. Maintenance of trees not only prevents pests and disease but also prevents decay or dead limbs from breaking off and causing injuries to people.

Trees, just like any other plant, need regular maintenance, whether you’ve planted new saplings or looking to care for existing trees. You can discuss with a curb appeal landscaping company or a blooming arborist the measures needed to maintain vibrant, healthy trees that will last for many generations. If you have newly planted trees on your property, watering is the most important factor when caring for them. Usually, new tree plants require a specific amount of water to develop strong root systems and establish a healthy foundation.

Managing mulch and soil is essential for tree health. You can apply mulch around your newly planted tree to help it grow as it retains moisture in the ground and a cooling layer that protects it against the sun. Other tree services from a curb appeal landscaping company include staking and guying trees to newly planted ones. This provides support for trees with bent stems and small root systems.

5. Speak With Firewood Companies About the Trees You Cut

You may need to speak to firewood suppliers for many reasons. For instance, if a tree on your property fell from a storm or you hired a curb appeal landscaping company to cut it down. A firewood company will come to your property and assess the tree’s condition because not all trees can be used for firewood. After, they’ll chop down trees as firewood with a power splitter.

A firewood company will be able to sell the split pieces of wood for fire pits and campsites and deliver the bundles to retailers to be sold indirectly to the consumer. Firewood is handy on beaches, campsites, and backyards, so there’s demand for this product. This means you can make a few dollars from the trees cut from your property.

Selling firewood from a fallen tree is a big challenge you can’t tackle alone. You must cut it to the size consumers require and then market its availability. A firewood company will have the tools to split the tree to the required consumer size. Most importantly, they have a ready market for the firewood, saving you time and the inconvenience a fallen tree may cause.

6. Purchase New Mulch for Your Garden

Purchasing mulch from mulch stores for your garden has many benefits, including retaining moisture to suppress weeds. This will make your plants healthier while helping curb pests and diseases. Your curb appeal landscaping company can help you pick the best mulch to add to your yard to provide valuable slow-release nutrients that prevent plant vitamin loss. This will save you from spending money on too much fertilizers.

Mulching your garden helps in temperature regulation. It shades delicate seedlings from excessive sunlight and more or less acts like a mini umbrella. Another benefit of adding mulch to your garden is it helps in flood prevention. When it rains heavily, pools of water accumulate quickly, which, as a result, affects the plants and may cause them to drown. Mulch absorbs and retains water by reducing the amount of runoff and allowing it to seep into the soil.

Mulching also prevents soil erosion during heavy rains. There are various types of mulch, and using heavy mulch like woodland garden mulch during heavy rainfall is ideal. Usually, when you use light mulch like leaves or leftover grass, they are likely to be swept away by floods. Also, plants require a resilient, stable, and healthy environment to flourish. It acts as a biodiversity whereby you can break down organic matter to enrich and enhance the soil’s nutrient content and fertility.

7. Repair Your Yard Walkways

You will need a curb appeal landscaping company with experience repairing walkways. Your walkway installer needs to have experience working with multiple materials and have the skill of building natural stone, concrete, and gravel to create a base for the walkway. While hiring a pro will cost you, it’ll come with its benefits.

First, you’re sure they won’t take corners or reduce foundation base material. The installers will check out for shifting pavers, stones, or asphalt repair needs and offer you options of gravel base or solid base. If you find they are not giving you these options, rest assured you will soon need another repair.

During walkway repair, you can consider adding lights. This will ensure you are not limiting your visitors to visiting your garden only in the daytime. It will also showcase curb appeal regardless of the time of day, prevent injuries, and allow you to enjoy outdoor activities at night while increasing security.

8. Update Your Fence

A fence is usually the first thing people notice before entering your home. Normally, It brings out the first impression of your property. A fence that looks bad compared to the rest of your neighborhood can portray a bad image of you and your property. So, it is important to do a fence upgrade or fix to improve the value of your property and for general home improvement.

Repairing a damaged fence will keep predators or unwanted animals away from your yard. Sometimes, you need a total fence installation from a local fence company. When installing a new fence with the help of a skilled curb appeal landscaping company, it will last many years with proper maintenance. When you get a potential buyer for your property, they may request you to replace your fence for them to buy your property if the current one is outdated. Instead of waiting for that to happen, take action now.

9. Install a New Driveway

Like updating your fence, renovating a driveway is an excellent way of adding value to your home. Installing a new driveway will make your property look modern. Also, it will provide easy access to your property for vehicles and pedestrians. Getting a curb appeal landscaping company to install your driveway will also improve the visual appeal of your home.

Installing a driveway will reduce maintenance costs compared to outdoor floorings like gravel, grass, or asphalt driveways. Driveways are usually durable and low maintenance, which prevents you from worrying about regular replacements or repairs. Driveway contractors will advise on the right materials and design to fit your needs and budget.

10. Remodel Your Shed

When remodeling your shed, you must ensure you have a plan in place. Whether you’re remodeling your shed to create a new place to unwind or a storage area, do enough research to ensure you get it right. Consider things like your budget, the shed’s purpose, the things you want to get rid of, and the ones you want to keep. Once you have this in place, you can make a detailed plan for your shed’s upgrade.

Cleaning and organizing your space is important before remodeling your shed. This will include power washing the shed siding and sweeping and wiping the interior surfaces. Hire local remodeling companies to do the work, as they can work quickly and efficiently.

When hiring a curb appeal landscaping company, ensure they have the expertise to do an excellent job for your yard. Great curb appeal presents many benefits for your property, including increasing your property’s value. You also want the outdoor spaces of your property to be a haven for you and your loved ones, so don’t settle for anything short of the best. Ensure the landscape contractors you hire use quality materials and offer regular maintenance services. This will save you time and money in the long run.

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