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7 Gorgeous Details to Include in Your Custom Landscape Installation

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Mar 25, 2024

Creating a custom landscape installation on your property is not only a way for you to transform your outdoor space immediately, but it’s also a way to boost curbside appeal and, in some instances, even add value to your home itself. Anytime you’re pondering the idea of a custom landscape installation, you’ll want to think the process through before settling on decisions or making any new purchases. With an established vision and a set budget in place, you can ensure any custom landscape installation you have in mind is brought to fruition.

1. Various Types of Flowers

If you’re brainstorming a custom landscape installation for your home or property, you may want to immerse yourself in the world of landscaping and flora and fauna. The more familiar you are with various types of flowers and trees that are likely to survive and thrive in your region or zone, the easier it’ll be for you to create a winning design for your own yard or land. When you want to learn more about various types of flowers that may be optimal for your custom landscaping project, you can do so with both local and online resources, depending on your preferences.

One way to begin learning about various types of regional flowers is to do so by seeking trusted plant nurseries near you. Visiting plant, tree, and flower nurseries in your region during the springtime is a way to not only learn more about flora that will survive in your yard, but it’s a way to see most of the potential flowers you can choose from in full bloom. This is vital for those who have a genuine interest in learning more about flowers and want to understand the ins and outs of the cycles of each flower they intend to plant and/or grow.

If you’re even more curious learning about different types of flowers you might choose for your custom yard installation, you can also search online with the use of video communities, groups, and even DIY forums. Joining various social media platforms and video communities can go a long way in helping you learn more about a particular flower, its life cycle, and even how to optimize its growth and survival, whether you intend to build a greenhouse or grow the flowers naturally out in the open.

2. Removal of Old and Dying Trees, Shrubs, and Bushes

Anytime you’re pondering the thought of investing in a custom landscape installation, you’ll also want to take into consideration any existing trees, shrubs, and bushes you have in the yard that you no longer want or need. The removal of old, dying trees, shrubs, and bushes, can help make way for new plants, flowers, and trees that are unique to your home and vision. If you’re thinking of removing any trees from your lot, but you don’t want to get started on your own, reaching out to a local tree cutting service is highly recommended for the best outcome possible.

Finding the right tree removal services can be tricky without suitable resources. If you’re new to an area or unfamiliar with tree removal specialists, you’ll want to ask neighbors, co-workers, and those you know for input ahead of time. You can also learn more about tree removal experts near you with the use of traditional business directories and, in some cases, with the use of an official website or social media presence.

Learning about tree removal experts, companies, and contractors online can help streamline the process. When you’re searching for a tree removal professional online, you can do so by reading reviews, verifying licensing, and even borrowing digital or vital portfolios, depending on the type of work you’re interested in at the time. In most cases, contact information for local tree removal companies or contractors will also be readily available, so you can call them directly to inquire about services or to request an in-person consultation or estimate.

3. New Trees

Planting new trees is a must if you’re interested in a complete custom landscape installation for your entire lot or property. Adding new trees will not only help transform the landscaping of your property, but it’s also a way to ensure your property is more energy efficient while adding value and curbside appeal to your home itself. If you’re thinking of planting new trees, but you’re unsure of where to begin, turning to local tree service contractors or visiting tree nurseries near you are great places to get started.

Working together with a local tree-planting expert is not only a way for you to streamline the process of planting the actual trees you’re interested in for your home, but it allows you to do so while ensuring proper safety measures are being taken before an expert even gets started. While you’re in the process of hiring a tree removal expert to help remove old or dying trees from your home, it’s imperative to inquire about licensing and insurance beforehand.

This will help protect you as a homeowner anytime you’re hiring a contractor or company to work in or around your home. If you hire a tree removal contractor who is not licensed or insured, you may be at risk legally and financially if they assume any injuries or experience an accident while on the job, even if the incident was due to no fault of your own. Always take the time to ask about current licensing and insurance before you choose to hire any type of contractor or company to work on your property or in your home in any capacity.

4. Fruit and Vegetable Patches

When you’re brainstorming your new custom landscape installation, you may also want to consider investing in fruit and vegetable patches, depending on your location and the region you’re in. Adding fruit and vegetable patches to your yard is not only a way to provide a unique look and feel to the space, but it’s also a way to live more economically by growing your own food. After you’ve conducted your necessary local tree removals to make room for your new flowers, trees, and fruit and vegetables, you can then begin prepping the space outdoors you’ll require.

It’s also important to consider any potential issues with pests that you’re likely to encounter when planting fruit and vegetable patches with your custom landscaping installation. Some locations are more prone to pest infestations than others, which is why you’ll need to become familiar with your surroundings before selecting which food items you intend to plant and at which time of year. If you believe your home is at risk of a pest infestation, calling on professional pest control experts or local companies near you is a must.

Working with a local pest control company is a way for you to learn more about the most intrusive and prevalent pests in your area or region. You can also pinpoint potential entry points and weak points throughout your home’s exterior and even surrounding your entire property, based on its setup and location. The right pest control expert will walk you through the process of understanding preventative care and proper treatment of existing pests, depending on the type of pests you’re experiencing and the severity of the infestation, in or outside the home.

5. Custom Lighting

Creating a custom landscape installation would not be complete without uniquely designed outdoor lighting. Installing custom lighting on your landscaping is a way for you to truly bring any outdoor space to life, whether you’re building a relaxing and inviting fire pit and patio space or if you want to build a second kitchen outside. Custom lighting can be included along pathways, to light fencing, and even to allow you to monitor various areas of your yard.

If you’re thinking of installing custom lighting that coincides with your new landscaping, you’ll want to become familiar with your options ahead of time. Consider what type of hanging, string, or even solar-powered lights you’re interested in based on the atmosphere you’re trying to create on your property or even in your new backyard. If you’re finding yourself stuck when it comes to inspiration, you can find more ideas with the use of both offline and online resources.

Comparing lighting fixtures and current trends has never been easier than with home DIY magazines and even by visiting home improvement stores in your local area. When you’re perusing the aisles of your local home improvement store, keep the setup and wiring in mind when you’re comparing different lighting fixtures. Compare bulbs and wattage requirements if you’re interested in investing in custom lighting that will not add a significant increase to your monthly electricity bills.

You can also search for various types of custom lighting solutions that are perfect for outdoor landscaping installations online and right from home, with the use of your computer or smartphone. Searching for lighting solutions online can be done via online magazines, home improvement groups, and even social media communities dedicated to landscaping and outdoor lighting. Search for inspiration using other social media platforms such as Pinterest once you have a certain style or color scheme in mind for the lighting features you intend to add to your yard or new outdoor space.

6. Brand-New Fencing

While you’re brainstorming your new custom landscape installation, consider the type of fencing you’ll also be including. Investing in fencing in your backyard or even surrounding your entire property can add to your home’s curbside appeal while simultaneously adding significant value to your investment. If you want to add new fencing into your home but you have overgrown or dying trees on your lot, you’ll want to take some time to find a local tree removal service you can trust near you.

Hiring a local tree removal company or contractor is useful if you’re seeking land-clearing services and want to ensure the job is done right. Those who are experienced as tree removal experts are not only licensed, insured, and certified to offer their services, but they are also knowledgeable and properly equipped with the gear necessary to do so, regardless of the size of the trees you’re removing at the time. Anytime you’re thinking of installing new fencing but you have bushes and trees in the way, calling on the right removal service will help streamline your project.

7. Hardscaping Solutions

Anyone thinking of a custom landscape installation who also wants to create a welcoming and inviting outdoor living space will want to brainstorm various hardscaping solutions. Investing in hardscaping, such as a new patio or walkway, is a way for you to transform your outdoor space while making it more of truly your own. If you’re thinking of investing in new sidewalks, walkways surrounding your garden, or if you’re thinking of installing a brand-new patio, you’ll want to take some time to find a hardscaping company that is professional and shares the same vision as you.

Searching for a professional hardscaping provider can be done with traditional listings and by asking neighbors for their input and advice. You can also find more information about hardscaping and landscaping companies in your neighborhood and region online, where you can find testimonials, reviews, and other relevant resources. Searching online for a hardscaping company or provider is not only a way for you to save time, but it’s also a way for you to compare portfolios and the quality of the hardscaping services that are available near you.

While comparing hardscaping experts and companies online, review portfolios, testimonials, and reviews. Use social media platforms such as Facebook to compare recent projects. Facebook can also be a great place to find user-verified reviews before choosing who you want to hire to work in your yard.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of the perfect patio or you enjoy lush greenery and foliage, knowing what you want in your custom landscape installation can go a long way in ensuring your desired outcome. The more actively involved and engaged you are with the process of planning and even managing the removal and installation of new foliage, the easier it’ll be to satisfy your vision. When you know exactly what it is you’re looking for with a custom landscape installation, you can work with the experts and designers necessary to bring your vision into reality.

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